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Why do parents hide things from their Children?

Don't Hide

Many times, Teenagers discover that their parents hid a piece of information from them thinking it would be best not to say it. It might be bad news or a comment. Parents create their own reasons. This is a bad practice most of the time. Parents need to be open. It goes both ways. If the child feels that things are hidden from him, he or she will follow the same rule.

Parents need to know how to communicate.

But, sometimes there are things that need to be said that aren’t defined as “nice”. Is it “nice” to be the person who has to tell a family that a loved one has died in an accident? No — but it needs to be said. Or, maybe it’s just better that they find that out themselves? Okay, to be fair, that may sound like a bit of a stretch. However, if we’re talking about an angry remark here, it might be worth noting that suppressing anger has been shown to increase the chances of stomach trouble, headaches, and heart attacks. So, next time it may be better to say what needs to be said — after all, isn’t “honesty the best policy”?