Miami, Florida

Kareem Salman

He left this world with a lot of love. That is what we are doing in this life, giving love, making a difference in people’s lives
and in the end reaping the fruits of the seed of love we freely gave.

His mission was accomplished.Kareem Salman

We will miss you dearly.

You have and always will be my life and my soul and now you have become my inspiration.
I miss you so much. It hurts to know that I won’t see you in this life. I miss your big smile, your fascinating laugh. I miss your jokes and funny remarks but most of all I miss how you looked up to me, how you respected me. You have always made sure that I am not mad at you; you kept calling to make sure I was fine.
I tried to do my best with you, I have tried to teach you lessons about life, you ended up teaching me the most valuable lesson in life: how to live and follow your dreams.

I love you and I will pray for you. You have given your life so that others could live and learn from you.